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Premier Hand Surgery in Rochester Hills

If you are suffering from pain or immobility in your hands, wrists, or forearms, we are here to help at Rochester Hills Hand Surgery. Our staff is focused on offering safe and effective hand surgery in Rochester Hills.

Quality Care from Our Clinic

You deserve quality care whenever you require medical treatment. That is the goal here at our clinic. We want to take care of you with the best medical care possible and do it in a timely manner. Our clinic offers the following advantages for your treatment:

  • Same-day appointments
  • On-site MRIs
  • On-site CT scans
  • Surgical center for outpatient surgery

Why Visit a Hand Surgeon?

The hands are a very complex part of the body. They require capabilities in touch and sensation, tendon gliding, joint movement, and muscle contraction. If any of these areas has a problem, it can impact how well you are able to perform your daily activities.

Because the hands are so complex and important, there is a branch of medicine devoted just to that part of the body. Our clinic has several qualified doctors who have received specialized training in order to help the conditions specific to your hands, wrists, and forearms. When you need a Rochester Hills hand specialist, come visit us at our clinic.

Highly Effective Hand Surgeons in Rochester Hills

Are you looking for great hand surgeons in Rochester Hills? We have hand doctors who have treated individuals in Rochester Hills and its surrounding communities—and they’re ready to use their caring, state-of-the-art skills to help you as well.

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